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Allah Help Those Who Help Themselves

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

Nothing Is Impossible With Allah

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

Islam is an Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion

Muslim community, promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Holy Quran

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  • Isha 11:04 PM Iqamah: 11:19 pm
  • Jumah 1:30 PM Iqamah: 2:00 PM

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LymmJPG- Lymm Jamaat Prayer Group 2023


The Muslim community in and around Lymm Village is small and geographically dispersed.  There is no mosque within a radius of five  miles. Travelling to Warrington or Altrincham mosques for Jumma, daily salats or Quran lessons was a challenge due to traffic congestions, parking problems and travel time involved.

Alhamdulillah, under a private initiative residents have formed the community funded Lymm Jamaat Prayer Group (LymmJPG). Since June 2023, LymmJPG  has successfully organized Jumma prayers in Lymm for men and women in a  hired hall.

The number of congregants is gradually increasing leading to demand for daily five salats, qur’anic lessons , discussion groups, and social activities for men, women and children.

Members are seeking to promote their rich religious  traditions and community-based value systems to foster  harmonious and tolerant inter-community interactions, dialogues, and diffusion of positive ideas.

The Muslim community in Lymm is committed to imbibe the commandments of Allah and the practises of our Prophet (pbuh) and spread this message of peace and respectful tolerance through personal examples. Members, males and females, are striving to understand and follow the commandments of Allah and contribute towards the growth of the larger community.

Children and young adults are a special focus of LymmJPG as future leaders of the community.

Mission Statement of LymmJPG

  • Understand, practise and share Allah’s message and the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).
  • Expand the scope from Jumma prayers to daily prayers.
  • Provide a conducive atmosphere for  women to participate in the affairs of LymmJPG.
  • Focus on children’s religious, value-based secular education, sports and other activities  balanced upbringing and character building.
  • Strive to set high ethical and moral standards of personal behaviour.
  • Act as catalyst for a transformative role in the community Dawah activities
  • Acquire a community-based permanent place in the long run.

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Community Service

Islam creates a brotherhood or Muslim Ummah for its adherents through shared Eman,  principles, morals,...

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Eman & Amal

The essence of Eman (belief) of a Muslim is the unwavering faith in Allah, Eman...

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Ethical & Moral Beliefs That Guides

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Muhammad Al-Bukhari

(d. 256 AH/870 AD)

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