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Muslims to Achieve Spiritual Goals

    Islam creates a brotherhood or Muslim Ummah for its adherents through shared Eman,  principles, morals, and aspirations. Muslims are brothers or sisters to each other and therefore a family. The sense of brotherhood / sisterhood gives the Muslim community strength and confidence to deal with their lives on their own and where necessary call on the community for support. The Muslim community, however, does not appear spontaneously. They are built through individual efforts, contributions, support, and guidance. One of the most enduring social gift of Allah (SWT) to Muslims is the creation of a world-wide, universal community -Ummah. The Prophet (pbuh) following commandments from Allah set up the first Muslim community in Medinah as a prelude to creating the Islamic state.

    From a purely Quranic point of view, the creation and development of the Muslim community, society, and nation is of paramount importance. Every Muslim is the brick that creates the edifice of  the  community. Allah (SWT) pays attention to every individual as if he /she is His only creation. At the same time Allah (SWT) addresses Prophet Mohammad in the Quraan as “ya-ayyuhar Rasool” or “ya-ayyuhan Nabi”.  In over two hundred instances the Quraan, Allah (SWT) also addresses people collectively as “al-naas”(Arabic) meaning the people, the group, the community, or mankind depending on the circumstances. It can, therefore, be inferred that the message of the Quran is not only directed to each individual but also to the community, or the humanity at large.

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