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Muslims to Achieve Spiritual Goals

    The first word of revelation in the Quraan is “IQRA” (Read). Sura Al-Alaq (96:1-2) “Read in the name of the Lord who created Man from a clinging substance”.  In (96:5) Allah says He “taught Man that which he knew not”. In (96:7-9) Allah says “No! [But] indeed, man transgresses.  Because he sees himself self-sufficient. Indeed, to your Lord is the return”.

    It can be safely inferred that Allah(SWT) commanded His Prophet (pbuh) to learn from HIM and then teach what he had learnt. Other suras of the Quran confirm this message from Allah (SWT) in Sura Al-Isra (17- 14,45,93,106); Sura An-Nahl (16-98); Sura Al-Ar’af (7- 204) ; Sura Inshiqaq (84-21); Sura A’la (87-6). And Sura Muzammil (73-20)

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